We Love Movies but It’s Worth Considering Why That’s the Case

We Love Movies but It’s Worth Considering Why That’s the Case

Movies are an amazing thing. It’s rare, even borderline impossible, to find someone who doesn’t enjoy at least one cinematic genre. There’s just something about the experience which is hard to put one’s finger on. An ephemeral quality that speaks of just how much we can get from something so difficult to firmly define. But it’s worth really considering the question. Why, exactly, do we love movies so much?

Many people would insist that this question is inherently unanswerable. It’s a reasonable conclusion for one to come to. It might seem as if all artistic appreciation is so subjective as to be impossible to paint with a single brushstroke. But consider the case of a painting. One can’t say that a person will appreciate paint on canvas. But one can say that everyone will appreciate a photorealistic painting of something they love. This is because the value there comes from something apart from the art itself. The art evokes a reality which one has pre-existing attachments to.

And this paves the way to a real answer to our earlier question about cinema. Why do we love movies so much? To a very real extent this question isn’t really asking about the art of movie making. We start our love of movies with a love of some part of the world around us. Because this is the heart of cinema. More than any other artistic medium it tries to recreate reality for us. It provides us a look into the world.

We step into the shoes of another person for a while and experience elements of the world apart from that darkened theater. An environment darkened specifically because we’re trying to remove ourselves from our standard place in the world to reimagine ourselves in another. And in doing so we love movies. And this is simply because there’s so much in the world to love as well. For more selections visit 123movies.

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